Making Room for Masculinity

In a review* of the then proposed draft for a document spelling out best practice guidelines for therapy with men and boys by the American Psychological Association, psychologist Christopher J. Ferguson reasonably and succinctly points out fatal flaws on the part of the compilers. He’s able to demonstrate how the guidelines can come across as […]

They Cannot Fall

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“Where can I turn for peace, where is my solace, when other sources cease to make me whole?” _____________________________________________ There is more support these days for gay Mormons than there used to be. Certainly more than when I was a youngster, googling “gay Mormon” way back when the…

Love Loud?

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The “Love Loud” campaign tries to turn up the volume of love and support for LGBT youth in response to the high rates of suicide and depression among them. The LDS Church has officially expressed support for its mission, saying in 2017: We join our voice with all…

“Exercising” Faith

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The old adage goes, “The church is here to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” We spend a lot of time preaching the first part. We get up in testimony meeting and positively gush about the peace of the gospel, how it has blessed our lives, how we can’t…

Be True to Yourself?

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One of the most problematic phrases of our age has got to be “Be true to yourself.” It has endless derivatives of expression, like “live your truth” etc. It is scribbled on yearbooks, slapped on inspirational posters, shared on feel-good memes, and whispered to friends with near scriptural…

On Ambiguity

Some might say that I am a mass of contradictions. The biracial boy, who felt more a part of predominantly white communities than those that were made up of people who were a lot closer in skin tone to him. He never quite fit in there, even referred to as “gringo” and “science boy”. Never […]